Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday Clear and Fresh

Hello Monday; the sun has started to come out after what was a crazy stormy night and morning, and as the clouds lift everything looks all more greener and clearer after a good dose of sprinkling.

Just like these gorgeous faces photographed by Christos Karantzolas.

And as we all know, a good clear base is the best way to start when you layer on your makeup; or even better, go without or with minimal makeup and let the sheen show through.

I'm just starting on some Jurlique samples in my cosmetics pouch and yesterday I tried the Nurturing Mask which is amazing for stressed out skin; leaving mine with a smooth velvety feel, hydrated and clean.  Loved it.  The goal is just to get to a good even base, from there I can dab on some tinted moisturizer, add some eyeliner and perhaps a stick of barely there coloured gloss.  That's it for me!

Clean fresh face = clean fresh week!

The outfits provide some inspiration for the coming weekend as I decide what to wear to a cocktail party on Sunday...

Photography Christos Karantzolas

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Two U's

Ever feel like there are two you's?  The evening, glam, social you and the daytime run around reality you.

Love how these differing looks featuring Fall 2014/15 outfits on Constance Jablonski seem to capture the whole different you.  Evening, day, out and about... sometimes I kind a feel there should be another me to help out around the place!

Constance Jablonski's natural makeup looks beautiful too don't you think?

Which one is your fave?

Have a great day.

Photography Christian Macdonald
Vogue Australia, November 2014

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Best Foot Forward...

Putting my best foot forward into the new week... with a giant step in the right direction (and a latte by my side)!  

I feel like bounding along and ticking off my tasks in stylish fashion, just like this fabulous pic of Marloe Horst from Harpers Bazaar UK, July 2012.

It's still ball season and Spring racing season and party season is nearly upon us... for me, it's kind of busy with bespoke garments, fittings, illustrations and designing.  Remind me, to post something about the gorgeous silk georgette skirt with sequin detailed train that I finished on the weekend!

I'm loving this gorgeous weather we're having at the moment and as the layers get lighter and lighter I'm starting to feel lighter as well, slighter straighter, a smidge taller even... and that's the benefit of a little sunshine!

Enjoy the week...

Via Pinterest

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Home Style... Luxe Boutique Feel in New York

So there's something a little bit retro about this home, a little bit luxe, a little bit boutique hotel; it warrants getting comfortable on one of those retro armchairs in the living room and playing some mood music.

From the lovely entry as you are greeted by the enormous sunburst mirror and dark flooring, to the subway tile splashback in the kitchen, the marble encompassed bathroom, the shaggy rug in the living room, designer mobiles and fabulous pendant lighting throughout, it's truly a stylish home.

Designed by Interior Designer Julie Hillman, it is situated within New York's Meatpacking district and employs that stylish mix of eclectic, modern, retro and classical elements within a simple white wall setting.

I do have a soft spot for the gorgeous lilac touches in the bedroom as they do hark back to a 40's classic aesthetic.   And I love that enormous round mirror in the bathroom below too.

Who knew a loft space could look so homely!

More images in the link below.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Topped off Monday

The perfect end to your ensemble is the jacket, or blazer, or topper.  It redefines your look with a crispness, it pulls the look together within the parameters and it gives you a silhouette and refinement to seal the deal.

I love a great fitting jacket.

Friday, 10 October 2014

In The Schedule

I'm glad the weekend is here, with what looks like the beginning of a spring clean at home, a small project for a friend of mine that she would like to wear next week and dinner out with friends tomorrow night... I'm pushing it if I think I'm going to finish reading that new issue of Porter and the latest Harpers Bazaar US that I just received.

And just as it's been a kind of all over the place week for me, I've got a list of links that are really from all the place and cover all kinds of topics...

+  I enjoyed the dusky pastel tones of this editorial featuring Lily Donaldson and her AWESOME hair in Harpers Bazaar Korea.  Just gorgeous.

+  A mix of vintage, beachy, modern, rustic and urban furniture for this home in Chelsea belonging to designer, hotelier, artist, DJ and creative director Robert McKinley and his fiance.  Wide floorboards, original windows and functioning fireplaces are the canvas to build on.  More images via TMagazine.

+ Did someone say beachy... It will hot up consistently enough to warrant a trip to the beach eventually, and when we do it's no use trying to find the perfect swimsuit at the last minute!  So take a look at new Australian swimwear label FELLA with their 'feminine but edgy' chic separates and one-pieces, these swimmers are sure to get you noticed.  Via Broadsheet here.  

+  Take a history lesson of Gucci's Jackie Tote via here.  From it's beginnings as a stylish structured hobo to current day versions in soft largish totes.  Yes please!

+  Translated in 11 pages, 126 pages to look at, featuring Charlotte Gainsbourg on first cover and an interview with Catherine Deneuve inside, the Louis Vuitton Bi-Annual magazine has taken shape.  Details via WWD.

+  A rare look inside the Prada Factory as Patrizio Bertelli invites NYMagazine on a tour : Via and NY Mag.

+  Instigated by Sarah Jessica Parker, the costumes worn in current performances by the  New York City Ballet will take a slightly 'fashion forward' slant .. especially when they are designed by Mary Katrantzou, Carolina Herrera, Thom Browne and Sarah Burton.  More images via here.

+  And finally... we've covered gorgeous hair, interiors, magazines, iconic bags, factory tours and the ballet... and now for the gents.  A really cool looking new magazine for your guy if he's into Soccer!  'Associated'... soccer with style!  If you please!!  More here via

Enjoy your diverse weekend...

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