Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Come Spring...

Love this pastel hued interior; so grown up, so chic, so easy to add to your home for a spruce up come Spring.

Easy to add as finishing touches in ceramics, artwork and textiles.

Note the base is pretty simple; black and white and then the contrast has been amped up with a shiny pastel pendant, some grey textiles and artwork.

Love it.
From the portfolio of Raya Todorova; and via numerous pinterest pins!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Monday Accent

Okay, so I'm a visual person.  I did mention I'm not really a fan of the colour red for me; but I might be swayed if it were used as a bit of an accent colour!  Particularly as a chic scarf like the ones seen on the Prada Spring runway; and besides the photography of Paolo Roversi does beckon doesn't it?

Saskia de Brauw photographed by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia July 2014.

Friday, 18 July 2014

In The Schedule

The rains have gone, the sun is shining, the weekend is nearly here. 

All is well for a quiet one, and some internet reading...

+  Colour blocked.. I'm thinking of adding a little more colour into my wardrobe come spring and I have noticed a lot more reds and purples coming through editorials so I took some inspiration from this feature in Marie Claire Brazil July 2014 issue.  Photography by Tiago Molinos.  Personally I'm not a fan of red on me, so I'll stick to blue!

+  Take a look at the new Camilla and Marc Spring Summer 14/15 collection; clean lines, simple shapes, a modern minimalist approach via Vogue Aus here.  I think this is the most beautiful white tux blazer!

+  Wow, check out that view.  Imagine sitting back in your sofa relaxing while the windows/doors slide open and into a cavity in the wall to give you that seamless inside/outside feel.  The blue water of the sea beyond does help a little bit too!  More images of his sophisticated home in Malibu via AD.

+ A great start up story for 'negative' underwear via Cool Hunting here.

+  Luscious... this website will have you drooling at these images of sweets, treats and bakes that seem to have effortlessly appeared before your very eyes.  From the kitchen tops at Nectar and Stone in Melbourne.  And if you are more a savoury and than a sweet tooth, I'm sure the photographs will leave a smile on your face too.

Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Home Style... Minimalist Mansion in The Hague

Oh so subtle palette of greys, taupes and light coloured wood punctuated with some citrusy hues from coloured glass objects... this minimal home designed by Remi Meijers sits beautifully within an old mansion.  The ceilings, the doors and mouldings echo the past and history of the building but the textiles and soft furnishings ooze an Armani-esque classicism.

Love the touches of Van Duysen ceramic containers on the kitchen benchtop and those iconic Tom Dixon pendants punctuating the serenity of these surroundings.

So if you want to emulate this soothing home, keep to textiles of felt, wool and linens and add smudgy tones and depth - not too glossy, not too matte.. just right.  A design book here, a glass vase there, an ample throw, a lusciously textured looking kitchen benchtop and a fabulous standing mirror in the bedroom.

Very sophisticated don't you think?

Via Remodelista

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Silk Squares

At the end of they day we always go back to the elegance of the pocket square.

Placed with great care and fuss but exuding effortless ease, the pocket square complements a gent's blazer and gives a little bit of personality in an otherwise standard suit.  Tie or no tie, suit pants or jeans, young or old, summer or winter ... it doesn't matter; either way this silk square whether it be spotted, striped, paisley, colour blocked or a simple white, goes the distance.

For me I think a spotted or paisley square tucked into the breast pocket of a navy or dark blue blazer is the coolest thing!

Photography Tommy Ton

Monday, 14 July 2014

Suited Up Monday

Can't go wrong with any of these coats for the working week.

Sleek, textured, flared or fitted, add a belt to cinch in at the waist and pull back the hair in low ballerina bun.

Remember to counterbalance the dark manicure with a subtler lip too.

Gosh, I love the art of the beret don't you?

Photography Kai Z Feng
Via Elle UK August 2014
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